The Street Pantry

The Street Pantry is a Mazon Australia project aligning with our mission to engage the community to prevent and alleviate hunger for people from all faiths and backgrounds. Together with Alma Road Community House (ARCH), Port Phillip Community Group, and a passionate group of local volunteers, the Street Pantry vision has become a reality.

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting addition to the community landscape, a place where people are encouraged to 'give what you can and take what you need’.

The Street Pantry is run by the local community, donating non-perishable food and toiletries so that those in need can take without cost or judgement.

The survival of the pantry is dependent upon the support of the local community---people walking their dogs and putting items into the pantry, local businesses donating products, and local schools coordinating collections. Ultimately the local community takes ownership of the Street Pantry, so that it remains stocked, undamaged and cared for.


The Street Pantry’s design, build, supplies and artwork was a collaboration of generous local community members and companies providing their time and resources.

Situated at 200 Alma Road, East St Kilda, the Street Pantry is strategically placed at ARCH, a community centre instrumental in providing community and maternal health services. The location of the pantry is key to this project as ARCH provides community services and opportunities for interaction if sought by the recipients of the pantry products.


If you would like to be involved in this project, volunteer to help monitor the pantry or install your own Street Pantry in your local neighborhood, please email us at

We are looking for volunteers in all states to be involved in Mazon Australia projects.

Fill the Street Pantry for a day

Fill the Street Pantry for a day